Today we installed wordpress onto the server and established the connection to the database. I’m also going to start working on a homepage for the site. I grabbed the mission statements from the old site but had trouble finding pictures to go with some of them.  I also changed the order of the pages on the nav. If you go on page attributes you can change the order number. On a later day when we’re back to school if someone could find some better pictures that’d be nice.

RoboRebels 4/24/17

Today I updated the logo on the website. I took an older image of the logo and brought it onto Photoshop to touch it up. I cleaned the image and added an orange outer-glow on the”1153″.I added drop shadows on the wrenches and the “rebels”. I uploaded it to the site and added it to our page.


Roborebels – 4/24/17

Today we created a new folder for our WordPress site, we extracted files given to us and placed them in the new wpsite folder. We individually created our own database based through Xampp and moved all of the files in the wpsite folder into the local server on Dreamweaver. Next class we will be looking to work on the website in Dreamweaver

Website 4/24/17

Today we started getting the website onto the server, and I moved previous posts about the website into the new website category for posts. Also, someone (I think Max) mentioned not being able to make a home page. In the customize I found something about making a static front page so I added a blank home page and moved the posts to a page called blog.



Today we started the process to put our wordpress site onto Dreamweaver. We downloaded wordpress files and put them into our wpsite folder. Next class we will work to put our sites onto the server, so we can edit them independently of wordpress


I also added a Logo above our “RoboRebels 1153” in the header. I was unable to figure out how to create a home page button, but the Logo links to the “home page” with the blog posts. My next goals are to photoshop the logos to them look cleaner (whether or not we use them) and try and find a way to link to the home page.

April 13th, 2017

Today in class Me, Meg, and Max had a meeting with Mr. Scott about the occurring drama that has been happening with the team, this lasted for basically the whole entire class, but in the end Mr. Scott wanted us to know that if something comes up we should let him know right away rather than keeping it from everyone.

next steps for the website – gather more media and further learn how to edit the site itself

meeting 4/12/2017

Today Max, Tristan, and I talked with Mr. Scott about communication within the team. Although not much work on the website itself was done, last class we gathered quite a lot of pictures for future use. For next class I’d like to write a more extensive post about the team, maybe something St. Louis related.


Today, my goals were to find an Icon for our website. I was able to find an Image to use for our website. It will show in the “tab” when a website is open in a browser. Today Meg, Tristan, Mr. Scott, and I met and talked about different things that have happened on the team to make sure we are all on the same page going forward, as well as how to combat different issues we have been having recently. MaxWorkingOnChain


Today my goals were to discover how to edit the RoboRebels site, and to download pictures for future media posts. I was able to find a lot of pictures from our competition and build season. I downloaded these photos and added them to our “media” section. I also was able to learn how to change social media links. I learned how to change the header image from the default stock image to one of our own images. My goals next time are to add more details to the website, as well as to further learn how to customize the website. Pilot