2/16/15 – We are coming into the last stretch with less than 30 hours till we bag the robot! At this point if you have any physical/mental energy we need your help!  Come on down!  If you come in around 8am-9am you will definitely find someone working.  The bag is sealed tomorrow night at 11:53pm so don’t miss the Riveting conclusion to the 6 weeks of build season 2015.  
T-Shirts!!!   IF you are interested in getting a t-shirt, please put in your order with a form (sent in a previous email from Cathy Lipson) or by sending an email with your information.  I will also have order forms available tomorrow at Plimpton.  They are due tomorrow, so make sure to get your order in.  
Lastly – It was brought to my attention that safety glasses have a tendency to find their way home with students…Please bring in any of the safety glasses you may have kicking around the house that have migrated from Plimpton.  We currently have a shortage.  
2/10/15 – Good Morning RoboRebels! 
Another snow day and more time to work on our robot.  I heard that we had a great turnout yesterday, which is awesome!  Let’s try to keep it up! 
I will be at Plimpton this afternoon from Noon – 4:30.  Please do your best to make the trip out again so that we may continue our work on the robot. Please have an early lunch and head on over.  


Monday2/9/15 – Another Snow Day and hopefully a chance to catch up/finish up the prototype.  Mr. Gallivan will be at Plimpton at 2pm to start another day on the robot.  Please make every effort to dig out and get yourself to Plimpton, our time is growing short.  


2/8/15It’s 11am on Sunday morning and progress is being made on the robot!  We need as much time as you can give because there is still a load of work yet to complete.  Come in as soon as you can and stay as long as you can!    

If there is a snow day tomorrow, we are planning on braving the elements and hopefully gaining another day of build.  Please stay alert for more emails to come and students, listen for updates.  


REMINDER: Parent’s Meeting on Thursday 1/29 @ 7-8pm in Plimpton.  We will be discussing what the rest of the season looks like and what to expect from the competitions this year.  Hope to see you all there! 

Wk Zero T-Shirt Order Form CLICK HERE

Good Evening RoboRebels!

The build season has taken off and things are going well with our design concepts.  This week we are focusing on prototyping our basic design concepts for each area of the robot and progress is being made in all areas.

In the upcoming weeks we will continue our TuesdayThursday, 6-9pm and Saturday 1-9pm practice schedule.  Although there are 2 sessions on Saturdays, 1-5 and 5-9pm,  your son/daughter is welcome to spend the entire afternoon and evening with us.  Dinner will be served for those that are committed to staying through the afternoon and into the evening. An email will be forthcoming from Cathy Lipson asking for parent sign-ups for dinner in the coming weeks.

We are planning on having a Parent’s Meeting on Thursday, January 29 @Plimpton from 7-8pm to get everyone prepared for the upcoming competition season. For now, please mark you calendar with the following competition dates :

  • 2/14Week Zero – Merrimack, NH – 1 Day 7am – 5pm
  • 3/7 & 3/8 Reading Event – Reading, MA – 2 DAy, 1 night*
  • 3/21 & 3/22Bryant Event – Smithfield, RI –  2 DAy, 1 night*
  • 3/27 & 3/28Northeastern Event (Waitlisted currently) – Boston, Ma. – 2 Day – Commute Only
  • 4/8 to 4/11New England Regional Championship (Tentative based on wins) – WPI; Worcester Ma. – 3 Day – 2 Nights*
  • 4/22 to 4/26First Championships (Waitlisted and tentative based on wins) – St. Louis, Mo. – 5-6 days – 4-5 nights

(*Those students who have been consistently attending the robotics meetings and have made it there priority to be on the ‘team’will be invited to spend the night with the team and go to the championship.  Those students who have committed only on a club level (missed a number of practices due to participation in other activities) will be invited to commute in with a parent.)

Please note that Northeastern, New England Championship and FRC Championship are all tentative based on spots opening and a winning record this season.  Based on many previous seasons, we have almost always found our way into both Northeastern and the New England Championship.